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Volunteering for your local animal shelter

Volunteer Millions of unwanted homeless pets are being housed in overcrowded animal shelters within the USA. They may be there because their owners can’t afford to pay for veterinary care; because their owner lost their job, had to move home and couldn’t take their pet with them; because they escaped from home and their owners were unwilling or unable to find them; or because their owners are unscrupulous breeders and they were born for profit but then cast aside. Whatever the reason, these animals have one thing in common. It is not their fault.

Millions of cats and dogs find themselves stuck in an animal shelter for prolonged periods because a) there are too many pets being born and bred and; b) too many people are choosing to buy a bred pet rather than adopt a shelter pet.

While spending time in an animal shelter, many of these cats and dogs receive little or no enrichment and interaction. These pets are scared, lonely, confused. In the absence of being whisked away into a new forever home (which is the fate of some, but not all of these pets), there is nothing that these pets appreciate more than a shelter volunteer taking them for a walk, petting them, or giving them some treats.

The shelter pets need you. They need for you not to breed or buy while shelter animals die. And they need your time. To volunteer at a shelter near you, you can search for your local shelter using our database. Please note, the database currently covers California shelters only (we are working on the rest of the States), but it is comprehensive and includes all open admission, SPCA, and Humane Society animal shelters.

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