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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM
By Ted

WHO…Other Than Overburdened Rescue Organizations and Adoptions Volunteers…Has a Greater Stake (...Or Even Any Stake at All…) in: 1. Stopping Indiscriminate Backyard Breeding of Dogs; AND 2. Reducing Avoidable Shelter Intake?

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We cannot overemphasize our appreciation for the enormous, time-intensive and all-consuming responsibility rescues and adoptions volunteers face in terms of saving lives and striving for “No Kill”. That said, we also need to appeal to you already-overworked volunteers to go even beyond adoptions (“firefighting”) to get to the source of the problem, indiscriminate breeding (see following paragraph). You adopters currently are the only group of animal volunteers in sufficient numbers to make a difference and help ‘grow’ a grass roots movement . An overriding problem is that while the basic mantra of rescues is “Adopt, Don’t Shop…”, there are “supply push” Back Yard Breeder’s (BYB's) in communities all across this country and abroad who prey upon “impulse buyers” (irresponsible pet owners/”IPO’s” who won’t take the time/effort to become responsible pet owners). While rescues can adopt out only one and two dogs at a time, these deliberate BYBs’ are producing large and frequent litters due to their dogs’ geometric/exponential reproduction rate capabilities! Read more at: http://standupfordogs.tumblr.com/post/84860728256/who-other-than-overburdened-rescue-organizations

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