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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM

OC Animal Care continues to flout animal welfare laws, following civil lawsuit

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Posted by Sharon Logan: "A Public Service Announcement To The Residents And Citizens Of Orange County Regarding OC Animal Care. It has been 3 years since Paw Protectors Rescue initiated our lawsuit against OC Animal Care located in the City of Orange CA for OC Animal Care's numerous violations of the Hayden Act and most specifically in regards to ORE- Owner Surrendered Dogs where the owners are requesting that OC Animal Care euthanize their dogs. Here are just some of over the 102 pages we filed this month against OC Animal Care in OC Superior Court asking the court to enforce the settlement agreement that OC Animal Care has continually failed to abide to for the last two years. In the past two years Paw Protectors Rescue, our attorneys and some dedicated animal Advocates assembled a volunteer team that consisted of, a medical doctor, two retired attorneys, a paralegal, a Veterinarian, A data statistician and one paid consultant to analyze OC Animal Care's court ordered Euthanasia Reports that had to be provided to Paw Protectors Rescue and their attorneys. Some of the findings included that OC Animal Care euthanized 28 % of all the Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers that entered OC Animal Care. 63% of Owner Requested Euthanized Dogs were Euthanized within 1 hour of entering OC Animal Care with the median time of just 45 minutes for OC Animal Care to kill Owner Requested Euthanized Dogs. This violates the Hayden Act and Paw Protectors Rescue's settlement agreement with OC Animal Care. Equally shocking would be the discovery that OC Animal Care would Euthanized 94% of the stray cats that ended up at OC Animal Care with 70% of those stray cats Euthanized within a day of entering OC Animal Care, notably 60 % percent of the stray cats were euthanized at OC Animal Care for the stated reason of being too young. There is no worse shelter in all of Orange County, CA than the County Ran OC Animal Care, OC Animal Care is a slaughter house for the unfortunate animals that end up there." https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155802449128320&set=pcb.864431877056285&type=3&theater&ifg=1

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